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What our members say

The Regal Theatre has been a member of the Western Suburbs Business Association (formerly Subiaco Business Association) for almost 15 years. Over these years, we have benefited from networking opportunities with others in a relaxed and friendly environment, sharing experiences and keeping up to date with what is happening locally. Our membership is a vital part of our business. Kim Knight, Regal Theatre
I have been a member for many years and during this time have found WSBA to be an exceptional organisation. It is headed up by professional people who assist and help nurture new and existing members in their business pursuits and networking.” Tony Hatt CEO, Devwest Group
WSBA is an outstanding organisation to be associated with. The quality of business people you meet at the networking events are very helpful in getting business exposure and to make great contacts on a professional and personal level. Members are guaranteed to benefit from the many networking opportunities and the satisfaction and personal growth they will derive from being actively involved in it. I am already looking forward to the next event! Thomas Meihofer, Thomas Meifhofer Jewellery Design
I have attended a couple of WSBA events now and could not recommend them highly enough. They are a very professional and well run outfit which attracts great people from a diverse industry base. WSBA is a warm and welcoming group to be a part of and presents excellent networking opportunities. Rowan Hemsley, Hemsley Paterson
I strongly recommend WSBA to any businessperson in the western suburbs area. Whatever industry sector you are in and whether you operate a one-person business, a branch office of a multi-national corporation or anything in between, you will benefit from the exposure, support and networking opportunities that come with membership. WSBA is high-calibre organisation in every respect.” James Bull, James Bull Consulting