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21 05, 2020

A COVID Topic that is Red Hot according to Google Trends.


Find Out How You Can Take Advantage of It. Since the pandemic began, our agency has been spending a lot of time researching the shifting consumer trends. Through the use of tools such as “Google Trends” we are able to predict consumer behaviour post pandemic. We can use it to find trends that are hot, have already peaked or beginning to boom. This is really valuable for businesses because they can leverage the data in their marketing, product positioning and overall business strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. One topic that has exploded in popularity is Self Care. [...]

A COVID Topic that is Red Hot according to Google Trends.2020-10-19T12:02:59+08:00
18 03, 2020

Where the Western Suburbs business community has conversations


It seems we struck a chord We have had some wonderful feedback about our December blog post  on supporting local community organisations. It's great to have such a positive response and know we struck the right chord. If you like what we said about going out and getting involved please tell people about it and share it on your preferred social media service. In other words, let’s get a conversation going. Now that we're on the subject of conversations We believe the best conversations are the ones you have face-to-face. Yes, the old-fashioned way, when the person [...]

Where the Western Suburbs business community has conversations2020-06-09T14:30:36+08:00
17 12, 2019

Community connections help us all


It’s that time of year again. The time when, amid the frenzy of clearing your desk before the long break, going to parties, attending school speech nights and buying Christmas presents, you might be reflecting on what you did during the past year and what you can do differently in the next. If you are, you’re in good company. During the Christmas and New Year season, many of us discover an itch to change something in our lives. Sometimes, that ‘something’ is easy to identify and turns into a specific goal such as finding a new job, buying a [...]

Community connections help us all2020-06-09T14:31:02+08:00
5 11, 2019

Use your elevator pitch wisely


Do you have an elevator pitch? You know, that brief, well-rehearsed speech that’s designed to get the listener interested in your product, service or business idea. It’s called an elevator pitch because it should be short enough to deliver during an elevator ride. The theory is that if your pitch is successful, you’ll have the other person hooked and eager to know more before the door opens at their floor. Because your elevator pitch can help you win new business, it’s worth putting time and effort into preparing one that’s ready to use at the right time. The question, [...]

Use your elevator pitch wisely2019-11-20T12:45:56+08:00
1 10, 2019

Three business networking myths busted


Three business networking myths busted Are you someone who thinks business networking isn’t for you? If so, you’re not alone. That’s because one of the most effective ways to build business and get referrals is also one of the most misunderstood. If you’re one of those business networking sceptics, perhaps we can give you a fresh perspective by debunking three commonly accepted myths. Myth 1 - Networking is all about attending events If all you ever do is turn up at networking events, you're robbing yourself of opportunities to develop  the connections that are essential for successful business networking. [...]

Three business networking myths busted2019-11-05T15:36:08+08:00
9 09, 2019

What is business networking?


What is Business Networking? Networking has been part of business life for thousands of years. For example, history tells us that commerce and trade in ancient Greece and Rome relied heavily on personal networks. Fast forward to today and, done properly, networking can be an extremely cost-effective way to get referrals and boost your bottom line. If you belong to a business association where you build a solid network of people who know and trust you, the revenue you generate over the years should make the annual membership fee and the price of event tickets look trivial. Unfortunately, the [...]

What is business networking?2019-09-09T13:22:44+08:00

What our members say

I've been a member of the WSBA for 12 months now and have been very impressed with the organisation. I've enjoyed meeting a very interesting group of local business people, and the functions and networking opportunities have been first class. Annabelle Walsh, Staywest Apartments
We have been going to WSBA events for a few years now and have developed a number of great business relationships as a result. The events are always excellent (great locations, food, drinks, etc) and the people in attendance are very friendly and cover a diverse range of industries. If you're looking to grow your network, the WSBA is well worth taking a close look at... what's more, you don't have to be in the Western Suburbs to get involved. Stephen Spry, CBSW Tax & Business Advisors
Referrals and Networking are key to business growth and must be part of your strategy! The WSBA events are dynamic and provide the opportunity to network in a social and friendly environment. The connections and business relationships I have built over 10 years and the results speak for themselves. Get in touch with the WSBA and attend an event I promise you won't be disappointed. Jamie Duff, Qbit
This is an outstanding association that really works hard to engage members to network and create relationships. The venues for events have been top class and with attendances over the last several events in excess of 100 attendees, there is much opportunity for members to grow their business networks. Mark Hann, Tactica Partners
Since being a member of WSBA, Ultimo Catering and Events has gained a great exposure to businesses in the Western Suburbs and my business contacts have increased accordingly. The WSBA is definitely increasing in membership and this is evident at the networking functions. So I would encourage business owners/managers in the Western Suburbs to get on board, become a member and get the benefits of meeting with like minded people and businesses in a relaxed and casual environment. Clark Wilmot, Ultimo Catering and Events
The WSBA is a fun, useful and educational networking group. It sets itself apart from other networking groups in a number of ways, including being the most friendly and welcoming group I have ever been to, with particular ways to make people feel welcome, for example introducing new members to other members and the committee when they first arrive. Combined with really useful, interesting, and fun events, the events have a fantastic turnout every month, and I have got to know some really great people and made some excellent business connections! I really enjoy going to their events - when time is so precious for all of us, it is critical that we choose to spend time in ways gives us a return on that investment, which WSBA absolutely does. Highly recommend! Catriona Macleod, Cullen Macleod
The Western Suburbs Business Association comprises of members who like to casually catch up with each other from time to time. The reason I enjoy it so much is the quality of the people who attend their functions. We have been fortunate to partner with them on numerous different occasions.” Aaron McDonald, Managing Director, Pragma Lawyers
A friendly group of business professionals who always make you feel welcome. If you enjoy making new connections, listening to inspiring presenters and networking sundowners - this is the place! Adrienne Whiting, Whiting Media
WSBA provides an excellent forum for its members to create a wide network of informed and interconnected contacts to exchange best practice knowledge, learn about the business techniques of peers and stay abreast of the latest industry developments, whilst also providing the events to meet business people who share a similar drive and ambition
Suzy Costanzo, Suzy Costanzo Real Estate
If you are a small business owner in the Western Suburbs you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't belong to the WSBA ! At my first event everyone was very friendly and welcoming, so much so that I joined the next day. It's a great way of networking and meeting like minded people. Luke Matar, The Vein Clinic
The WSBA is a great organization that runs very good networking events represented by a diverse group of companies and professionals. The team are welcoming to new members and guest and break down some of the barriers to allow you to connect with other businesses. I highly recommend checking out their upcoming events. Mike Hawryluk, nForm
Thank you WSBA for another fantastic event, the women of Abel McGrath certainly enjoyed it. The content was very relevant and insightful and the venue and food were fantastic! Shanay Parker, Abel McGrath
A very well organised and polished networking event. The drinks were great, and the canape spread was sensational. The calibre of businesses who attended was relevant to our business. Ariarna Bartulovic, Scope Business Imaging
The Western Suburbs Business Association (WSBA) facilitates Business networking opportunities for like minded individuals and Businesses. Their Events have provided my business with quality connections within the business community and I continue to enjoy their Sundowners and Industry leading Guest Speakers. I recommend the WSBA as an excellent high calibre networking organisation as an avenue in growing your business network! Andrew Njuguna, Buffalo Film Studios
The Western Suburbs Business Association is an awesome business association. Their Networking Events always attract a large number of businesses / owners of whom to connect with.
Deb Cregeen, Cherrys Catering
Having had the opportunity to attend and benefit from these events I highly recommend that you get involved, come along and experience an event for yourself. If you're not a member get on board ~ thanks Radi Stulic and Melanie Cronin for always delivering a great event. Sandy Gray – Mason Gray Insurance & Risk
It was wonderful to meet so many WSBA members at the event last night. I congratulate you and all at WSBA for organising such a great, welcoming and fun networking event. We will definitely be looking to engage with the WSBA on an ongoing basis. Celia Hammond MP – Federal Member for Curtin
The Regal Theatre has been a member of the Western Suburbs Business Association (formerly Subiaco Business Association) for almost 15 years. Over these years, we have benefited from networking opportunities with others in a relaxed and friendly environment, sharing experiences and keeping up to date with what is happening locally. Our membership is a vital part of our business. Kim Knight, Regal Theatre
I have been a member for many years and during this time have found WSBA to be an exceptional organisation. It is headed up by professional people who assist and help nurture new and existing members in their business pursuits and networking.” Tony Hatt CEO, Devwest Group
WSBA is an outstanding organisation to be associated with. The quality of business people you meet at the networking events are very helpful in getting business exposure and to make great contacts on a professional and personal level. Members are guaranteed to benefit from the many networking opportunities and the satisfaction and personal growth they will derive from being actively involved in it. I am already looking forward to the next event! Thomas Meihofer, Thomas Meifhofer Jewellery Design